Digital Photography & Film Making (DPFM)


Photography or Filming is an art of capturing the moments of life. One can paint the moods of Lights, Surroundings, Atmosphere, One’s Joys, Sorrows, Events and many more. Its a philosophy of life painted trough lights and camera.

Today, digital photography is an integral part of most collegiate degree programs in photography & film making from the Intermediate to Master’s degree levels. Undergraduate digital photography programs typically offer courses in digital imaging software, such as Adobe Photoshop, to help photographers get the most from their pictures. Digital photography students also study location and studio lighting styles, commercial photography and photography for web and social media.

Recognizing the importance of photography and its immense commercial value several U.S. schools (University of Central Florida, New York University, Triton College to name a few) and many Indian Universities are offering courses in Digital Photography & Film Making. On similar lines Marwari College Ranchi (UGC Approved Autonomous College with Potential for Excellence under Ranchi University, Ranchi) has offered a course in Digital Photography & Film Making.

Career Options

Passed out students of Digital Photography & Film Making (DPFM) programs can work in advertising, portraiture, photojournalism and other domains. Jobs and self-jobs also are available in more specialized fields, such as Industrial photography, Fashion photography, Documentary, Short Films, Albums, Family Videos, Social Media Photography, Web and Photo Journalism, Cuisine photography, Jewellery photography etc. Approximately 70% of all photographers were self-employed. Many salaried photographers worked in studios specializing in commercial or portrait photography

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